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This 90 second video with stats will show you how powerful video
can be 
in growing your buisness. 

Everyone Wants Their Message to be Heard

But There’s a Problem…

The video marketplace is crowded.

Creating video yourself is time consuming.

Most video is not engaging enough.

The video message is under developed.

The video does not drive growth.

Your video strategy is left up to chance.

Why Us?

Frankly, because we care.


We know the market.

Video production is an evolving space. It requires knowldge to utilize the technologies and platforms to make your job easier.


We know strategy.

Not all video projects are equal, we help by creating a video marketing approach for you that helps qualify leads.


We grow with you.

We work with to help you get started and when you are ready to do more, we can also handle the "big" jobs. 

We have every video production tool you need to grow your business, in one place.

How can you have a video presence that makes
you prosper?

The marketplace is full of video noise with vlogs, influencers and other types of hype content. Some of the solutions that exsist provide wedding and real estate videos with a sort of "swiss army knife" approach to video production.

But what do you need in the video space to create a more profitable business?

MOG Studios is all about providing you with a holistic video production approach.

If you implement a well thought through video strategy your company will prosper.  


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Phone: 864.326.4509